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Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber Song Leaked Online

It’s a love story that just won’t end even though everyone wants it too. A new song that features a duet between Selena and the little troll doll leaked online on Saturday on Drake’s OVO Sound Radio. The track has the two singing about relationship woes, particularly time spent apart and lack of communication. Was that really the problem in their relationship or is it the fact that Bieber is a druggy d-bag and Selena likes to wear only bikinis? The video was promptly taken down but once it’s out on the net, that’s kind of it as far as keeping it secret. The song is untitled but some people claim it is called “Strong”. That sounds like the kind of stupid title that Justin Bieber would give a song.

I don’t understand why she keeps going and spending time with a guy who is a trainwreck on a good day. Maybe she’s just a sucker for punishment. You’d think that with her recent health problems she would take a long hard look at her life and make some changes, first of which is staying the hell away from the Biebs.

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