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Senhor Testiculo: Brazil’s Scariest Costume

The award for creepiest Halloween costume goes to Senhor Testiculo, Brazil’s testicular cancer awareness raising mascot. Over the last few months, Senhor Testiculo, created by Brazil’s Association of Personal Assistance for Cancer, has made several public appearances for a good cause. And that’s undeniably awesome. However, the mascot’s appearance begs the question: couldn’t the BAPAC have come up with a friendlier design? We can all agree that the scrotum isn’t the most attractive part of the human body, but did Brazil really have to make it look so cartoonishly repugnant? No pun intended here, but what is with those bags under his eyes? Senhor Testiculo looks worse than a hungover Grimace with mange.

Senhor Testiculo

My major problem with the mascot’s appearance is that the liberal use of hair might confuse people. Hear me out. Senhor Testiculo lives in Brazil, a country that is synonymous with hairless, waxed crotch regions, aka The Brazilian. If people see him wandering down the street, they might not think he’s raising cancer awareness. They might think he’s trying to remind people to get their junk waxed because swimsuit season is coming up. It would be unfortunate if that’s the message people walked away with. But it’s not. He’s spreading awareness, and hopefully that’s all he’s spreading.

All joking aside, Senhor Testiculo is doing a wonderful job of grabbing cancer by the short and curlies and bringing attention to something very important. Also, “Movember” – the month of male cancer awareness – is just around the corner, so if the idea of dressing as hairy testicles to raise awareness isn’t your cup of tea, then grow out your mustache instead. And let’s be honest, that will be way easier on the eyes. So get checked out guys. The only thing scarier than Senhor Testiculo is not taking care of yourself.

Read more about Senhor Testiculo here.

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