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September 16th Independence of Mexico

This September 16th is the celebration of the 204th Independence of Mexico, one of Mexico’s most important holidays.

What is the story behind Mexico’s independence and from who. The Independence War begun in the early morning of September 16th of 1810, when the priest Miguel Hidalgo announced el “Grito de Dolores” or the “Cry of Dolores” and ended on September 27th of 1821 with the triumphal entry of the Ejército Trigarante, headed by Agustín de Iturbide and Vicente Guerrero to Mexico City. The main objective of this war was to liberate Mexico from the Spanish oppression.

Nowadays, Mexico’s Independence Day is a celebration of two days that starts in September 15th. Families and friends gathers to remember all those who died fighting for their freedom and to celebrate their independence. Most of Mexico’s citizens go to main plazas which are adornated with Mexican flags, flowers, balloons and serpentinas. You can find lots of traditional foods for sale throughout the plazas. It is very common to see Mexicans dress up in traditional cloths. Mariachi groups are prominent throughout the festivities playing traditional music all night long.

Every year, local mayors and politicians re-enact the famous Grito de Dolores on the night of September 15th. In Mexico City, thousands congregate in the Zócalo to hear the President ring the same bell that Hidalgo did and recite el Grito de Dolores. The crowd roars, cheers and chants, and fireworks light up the sky. On the 16th, every city and town all over Mexico celebrates with parades, dances, the official military parade and other festivals.

Lets not forget the food during this holiday. Some of the traditional food are pozole, tamales, tostadas, enchiladas, pancita, and other great dishes that are decorated with the colors of the Mexican flag, green, white and red. The favorite drink in this special day is Tequila, followed by cerveza, aguas frescas, palomas, and soda.

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