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Shakira Accused of Evading Millions in Taxes

La cantante Colombiana could face jail time and several million dollars in fines from the Spanish government.

Since she has been married to Spanish futbol star Gerard Pique, Shakira spends most of her time in Barcelona Spain. There are reports that the Spanish authorities want to probe her 2011-14 finances. They say she should have paid tax on worldwide earnings.

Spain’s Tax Agency has argued that Shakira was living in Spain during that period and therefore should have paid income tax on her earnings. State prosecution chiefs will now have to determine whether they agree with the Tax Agency and if so, launch formal legal proceedings.

Shakira was named in a recent Paradise Papers scandal after it was revealed late last year she transferred £30million in musical rights to an offshore firm in Malta.

Looks like Shakira may have tax drama, we will see what happens with her possible tax evasion case.

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