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Shakira Releases Spanish Version Of “Can’t Remember To Forget You”

Shakira just released a Spanish language version of her new hit song Can’t Remember to Forget You. Nunca Me Acuerdo De Olvidarte will be featured along with the English original on her new album that’s coming out in March. Like most songs these days the English version features Rihanna. I guess she couldn’t learn the words in Spanish to be on this version. Shakira returns to her Latin rock roots with this song and leaves behind the overly poppy dance stuff she’s done in the past few years. As she explains,

“I started out as a rock chick, believe it or not, and I wanted this album to reveal that. I wanted to go back to my roots.”

Shakira hasn’t released a song since 2010. She’s been to busy working on the reality singing competition show The Voice and having little Shakiritos. It makes sense that Shakira would try and recapture her original Spanish speaking audience that might have felt left out of her last few English language albums. That’s the double edged sword of crossover success. You have to sing in English to reach a global audience but a part of you wants to express yourself in your native tongue. It’s kind of like when I am really sleepy or drunk and don’t want to speak English anymore.

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