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Shakira Ripped Off Her Song “Loca” From Dominican Artist

A Manhattan district court judge ruled that Shakira had stolen the music and some content of her 2010 hit Loca from a Dominican songwriter named Ramon Arias Vasquez. He penned a song called Loca con su Tiguera in the 90’s that is eerily similar to Loca. By eerily similar I mean that they are obviously the same song. Shakira’s song was based off of the work of a Dominican rapper named Edwin Bello Pou who supposedly had a run in with Vasquez in the 90’s and apparently straight up ripped off the song. The judge said that since Pou plagiarized the song then “whoever wrote Skakira’s version of the song also indirectly copied Arias.” These kinds of cases are sometimes hard to prove because what sounds similar to one ear may sound completely different to someone else. Plus you have to establish that someone purposefully stole the song and not that it was accidental. There are only so many notes and rhythms in the world, after all.

I personally don’t think that Shakira was aware of the fact that the song belonged to someone else. Why would she take the risk? This case has been in court for years and she and Pou have to pay Vasquez damages. In the modern age of easy accessibility to media and documentation it just doesn’t make sense to do this kind of thing, at least not if you are Shakira. She can afford to either buy songs outright or pay people to write her new songs. She isn’t exactly hurting financially. No, I think she worked with Pou’s people and that they are the source of the weaseliness. Is that a word? It is now.

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