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Was Shakira Selling a Necklace Resembling a Nazi Symbol

La cantante Colombiana is currently on her El Dorado World Tour as one of her online merchandise is getting a lot of attention but in a bad way.

A necklace featuring a sun symbol is very similar to the one used by the Nazis. The necklace was first recognized by the German publication Bento, who pointed out the similarities between Shakira’s pendant and the Black Sun, a mosaic symbol used at the Wewelsburg Castle in Germany that later became a home base for Adolf Hitler’s associate Heinrich Himmler and his Schutzstaffel party.

The $9.95 pendant has been removed from Shakira’s online store. There have been no comments from Shakira but Live Nation the events company who allegedly designer the necklace apologized on Twitter. What do you guys think do they look similar?

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