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Shakira Wants To Play Truth Or Dare In Her Latest Video

Shakira is her usual hot self in her latest video for her song Dare. The sultry Colombian singer took time out of her busy schedule as a judge on The Voice and being an expectant mother to give us what we all want: Lots of shots of her shaking those legendary hips. The song is her usual mix of pop catchiness and sexy Latin rhythms. A Spanish version of the song will be included in the soundtrack for the FIFA World Cup. I have a very special place in my heart for Shakira. I was a big fan of hers when she was still singing only in Spanish back in the day. Unlike a lot of talentless singers out there, Shakira has actual chops. It also helps that she is super friggin sexy. In the video she’s wearing a dominatrix meets witch meets cavewoman with a snakeskin pelt outfit that it pretty amazing.

I’m pretty sure that if we were to comile a list of the sexiest Latinas, Shakira would be near the top of the list. Now there is a good idea for a post…

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