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Should You Buy Shift 2 Unleashed?

Shift 2 Unleashed, the 17th title under the EA’s Need For Speed franchise, came out recently. The game, which features over 145 cars and 36 different tracks, tries to simulate what being behind the driver’s seat of a powerful racing car feels like. We’ve been big fans of the franchise since we forever (as teenagers, we spent as much time in front of our computer playing 1997’s Need For Speed II as we did looking at naked girls) and after watching the video below, our interest in this game is through the roof:

Shift 2 Unleashed Game Footage – Watch more Game Trailers

If the above video isn’t enough to help you make up your mind, fret not, dear reader. We’ve got your back. Our homies over at Game Front, who spend every breathing moment thinking about video games, have written a helpful review that should help you reach a decision. They break down the pros and cons about this racing sim. A tidbit from their review:

“Attention to detail is the key to success for Shift 2. The reflection of buildings shimmer in a Porshe’s silver paint, flash bulbs go off in the darkened stands of a raceway at midnight, and you can hear debris from the track being kicked up around every skidded turn. Shift 2 is a game utterly committed to making the driving experience as true to life as possible. During dusk races, the sun becomes a danger as light pours through your windshield and threatens to blind you just before a hairpin curve. And heaven help you if you damage your headlights during a night race.”

You can read the rest of their review here. In addition to that, they’ve also put together this helpful cheats page. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go ahead and rewatch that video once again.

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