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Sly Stallone And Canelo Alvarez Trade Jabs in Tecate Commercial

La cerveza Mexicana, Tecate, have a new “Born Bold” campaign featuring Sylvester Stallone and Mexican super fighter Canelo Alvarez. The two are featured alongside Tecate’s Black Eagle, who is an iconic role as the brand’s symbol for masculinity.

Throughout the two 30-second spots titled “Beehive BBQ” and “Belt Tub,” with Sly and Canelo challenging each other to be bolder. The spot captures the comradery between Stallone as a masculine, legendary actor and Canelo as a boxing champion.

Since last years TV commercial, “The Beer Wall,” Tecate became the fastest growing light beer in the US. If Canelo continues to have success in the ring, I am sure we will see more of him promoting cerveza Tecate.

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