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Sofia Vergara Adorns Cover Of May’s Women’s Health

Sofia Vergara was born to be a superstar. Though her rise to stardom took longer than most celebrities, Vergara became famous at just the right time. Had she been a child celeb (which she easily could have been), there’s a solid chance she would have ended up like the other young piles of entitled celebrity garbage that liter the front page of TMZ. Instead, Sofia flew under the celebrity radar until life and family had groomed her into the kind of person that Women’s Health could flaunt unironically. That is to say, Vergara is a grown-ass woman who just so happens to be famous. And that’s why people love her so much. There are twenty-something child celebrities that have been famous for longer and are in worse shape (physically and mentally) than 41 year old Vergara. Check her out in the May edition of Women’s Health.

Sofia Vergara talks to Women’s Health.

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