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Sofia Vergara And The Power Of Smell

Sofia Vergara gave away the secret of how she landed True Blood star Joe Manganiello: her smell. Let me explain. She was on Good Morning America to hock her new perfume called Sofia. She said that she tested it out on Al Bundy…er…her Modern Family co-star Ed O’Neil among others. I can’t imagine it’s fun being around someone who is testing perfumes. Sometimes they smell nice and other times it probably smells like a funeral home exploded. She claims that she knew she had the right combo when she used her scent to seduce Manganiello. She says,

“He smelled me and he couldn’t help himself. That’s all you need if you want Joe! Oh, my God! I’m not going to sell anything now!”

Scent is a powerful, if unappreciated sense. It is most closely related to memory. That’s why the smell of a sofrito reminds me of my abuela more than anything. I haven’t smelled this Sofia perfume but I imagine something in it triggered happy memories for Manganiello. That and the fact that Sofia Vergara looks like that and is a rich and famous movie star are probably all he needed.

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