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Sofia Vergara Sparks Controvery At Emmy Awards

Sofia Vergara caused a bit of controversy at last night’s Emmy awards by participating in a joke that many people think objectified women. It all happened when the academy president Bruce Rosenblum came on stage to talk about the academy’s commitment to diversity and “always giving the viewer something compelling to watch”. He then asked Vergara to get up on a revolving platform where she was displayed like a trophy. Social media immediately erupted with outrage over what looked like Sofia being treated like an object to be oggled by men. In true Vergara style, Sofia shrugged the criticism that it was anti-feminist off by saying,

“I think it’s absolutely the opposite…. I absolutely think it’s ridiculous. It means somebody can be hot and be funny and make fun of herself.”

Clearly, the joke was in poor taste. I thought it was pretty sexist when I watched the show but I don’t blame only Sofia or the Emmy writers, I blame them both. Sofia went a long with a bit that originated in the head of whatever bunch of hack writers they got together to write the show. They shouldn’t have put her in the position of having to choose whether or not to participate in the joke. On the other hand, she went along with the gag. Let’s face facts, we love Sofia but she’s not exactly above cheaply using her sexuality and looks to get a laugh. That’s kind of her thing. Sofia has made quite a successful career for herself playing the exotic Latina bombshell. What do you think? Do you think the Emmys went too far?

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