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Sonia Sotomayor Says “Never Dance With A Cuban”

I want to start off by saying that I have a tremendous amount of respect for Sonia Sotomayor. She is a wise and kind judge that’s made the Supreme Court better with her presence. As the first Latina on the court, she is a true trailblazer. I’ve heard her speak and she’s truly inspiring. But now she’s gone too far. At a Yale reception honoring her, Alito, and Thomas she said that you should never dance with a Cuban because Cubans are, wait for it, the worst dancers. Now, I can understand that as a Dominican she thinks that they are the best dancers. I mean, it’s biased but I can live with that. Definitely when it comes to merengue no one can beat the Dominicans, which isn’t to say that we Cubans are any slouches when it comes to merengue, but that’s their national dance so they clearly have an advantage. But when it comes to salsa Cubans are the worst. She said,

“The best dancers in terms of keeping a beat are Dominicans, the worst are Cubans. Dominicans have big, big steps. Cubans have these very tight little steps. Never dance with a Cuban. And Puerto Ricans I can dance with, too.”

Thomas even called her out on painting with a broad brush and profiling and she said “It is, but it proves itself right a lot.” Now, first of all the assertion that Cubans can’t dance is just patently absurd especially when it comes to salsa. We helped invent salsa in the 60’s along with Puerto Rican musicians in New York. Celia Cruz, a Cuban, was the universally hailed Queen of Salsa. How can you say that all Cubans are bad dancers. I’m not great myself, but my relatives can mop the floor with most. I’m not saying that Cubans are better dancers than Dominicans or Puerto Ricans either. I’ve always thought that we bring equally good and diverse things to the table. Can’t we all just agree that the worst dancers are people from Scandinavia.

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