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Spain Crowns Its New King Felipe VI

It’s official, after more than forty years Spain has a new king. Prince Felipe was invested as king in a low key ceremony yesterday after his father Juan Carlos abdicated earlier this week. Juan Carlos had been king ever since the death of fascist dictator Francisco Franco back in 1975. The Spanish crown has been rocked by scandals over the last few years causing many Spaniards to question whether or not they really need a king anymore. Juan Carlos’ abdication led to several demonstrations throughout Spain calling for a national referendum on the monarchy. The big question is whether a country that has had as many economic problems as Spain can afford to keep a royal family in the lifestyle that is, well, regal. If the monarchy is to survive, Felipe has got to show clear signs of leadership. For the time being King Felipe’s job is safe but no one knows what the future holds for him and queen Letizia, (who is super hot BTW).

They especially need a win after that trouncing they took at the World Cup. As I’ve said before, I am a distant relation of the Spanish royals and am still available to act as the Hand of the King. Wait…or is that only on Game of Thrones? Whatever, cousin Felipe I’m available.

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