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Spanish Announcer (Rightfully) Loses It During Epic Basketball Game

The following basketball highlight happened this past Saturday, yet no one really noticed. Why? Because we’re in the midst of the NCAA men’s tournament and the NBA’s final weeks. That, and no one really cares what happens in international basketball (sad but true). Until now, at least. In the waning minutes of the Euroleague match between Real Madrid Baloncesto (yes, they are associated with THAT Real Madrid club) and Unicaja Malaga, there was one impressive block– leading the announcer to literally say “not in his house!” in Spanish– and four (FOUR!) three-point shots were made. The awesomeness of this game’s finish is aptly summarized by two things in the video: 1) A Real Madrid player smiling in disbelief (1:43 mark), and the announcer hysterically laughing/crying and saying, “¡Dime que no estoy soñando!” (“Tell me I’m not dreaming!”).


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