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Sports Illusttrated Swimsuit Issue In 3-D!

If you ask us (and we assume you would), this 3-D thing is getting pretty old. Who wants to see Jack Black’s quivering belly in 3-D in Gulliver’s Travels? No one!

THIS, however, we can get behind. The 2011 Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue will come with a 3-D video component! Sports Illustrated is teaming up with Sony to bring about this modern marvel in a 30 minute video for the Playstation 3 and television sets, like Sony’s Bravia HDTVs (integrated marketing!), that play 3-D. You can either buy or rent it, but you know this is going to be a collector’s item so you are going to want to get your hands on it. It comes out Feb. 15th along with the print addition.

Finally the scienecy dudes that make this technology possible are using it to make real chicks 3-D and not weird blue cat women like in Avatar.

via Mashable

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