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Tom Brady’s Stolen Super Bowl Jerseys found In Mexico

March 20, 2017 

After winning the Super Bowl in a dramatic come from behind fashion, the unthinkable happened, someone stole Tom Brady’s game worn jersey. The sports memorabilia community went into a frenzy to see if the culprit would try to sell it on ebay. Semanas pasaron and no sign of the jersey until today. Tom Brady’s stolen….


NFL Monday Night Football In Mexico City

November 18, 2016 

For the first time an NFL Monday Night Football game will be played outside of the United States as the Oakland Raiders will play the Houston Texans in Estadio Azteca, Mexico City. La pasion que tienen los Mexicanos for American football is incredible and the NFL knows it. The 95,500 tickets for the game sold….


Marlins Pitcher, José Fernandez, Honored on Cover of People En Español

November 17, 2016 

La revista “People en Español” is honoring Marlins pitcher, José Fernandez, with the cover of the latest issue. The headline reads, “Adios José” as the magazine says goodbye to the latino baseball star. José Fernandez died along with two friends in a boat accident, and unfortunately the young latino star was under the influence of….


Taco Bell Giving Away A Free Taco During The World Series

October 25, 2016 

As the end of the regular season comes to a close the start of the playoffs begins with the World Series crowning a new champion. For baseball fans, this is the greatest time of the year especially for Indians and Cubs fans. But what would make it even better? How about free tacos. Taco Bell….


Nike Celebrates Latino Heritage Month With Cortez Release

October 09, 2016 

Nike has celebrated cultural moments like Black History Month, Chinese New Year, West Indies Day and Puerto Rico Day among others with limited footwear releases. This year, Nike took the classic Cortez shoe and added a splash of color and a few modifications and created a limited edition Nike Cortez for National Hispanic Heritage Month…..