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Spurs Meet Their Match Against The Triquis

The San Antonio Spurs are in Mexico City this week to take on the Minnesota Timberwolves. The game will be tonight, Wednesday, December 4th at 9:30 PM ET. But before the big game, the Spurs took on some little players with big dreams. In a training session prior to the actual NBA game, the Spurs squared off against a team of boys called “los niños Triquis” a.k.a. “the Triquis” a.k.a. “the Barefoot Champions”, are from the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Both the Spurs and the Triquis played barefoot, with the Triquis winning 10-4.

Gregg Popovich, the Spurs’ coach, proposed a friendly barefoot match. Led by Bernabé Martínez, the Mexican champions showed amazing teamwork and lots of speed in their breaks. In a very festive atmosphere, the barefoot champions enjoyed every moment of it and used it as motivation. Of course, we suspect that the Spurs took it easy on them, especially since they were all barefoot. Imagine being that tall and stepping on a little Mexican kid’s bare feet!

At the end of the friendly match, the Argentinean Manu Ginobili (Spurs’ Shooting Guard, #20) talked with the barefoot champions and commended them for their hard work, “I congratulate you guys, you are very good. Keep believing in your dreams”, said Manu.

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