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Sriracha Factory Is Public Enemy Number One

Humans have a lot to be proud of. We’ve split the atom, we’ve created twerking, and we’ve seen more than 13.2 billion light years into space. But I hold the opinion that creating good hot sauce is the achievement we should be most proud of. It never lets you down. Whether you’re drinking a Bloody Mary, eating hot-wings, or pigging out on barbacoa tacos, hot sauce is the perfect condiment. Sadly, some people don’t see it that way. Last night, angry residents – actually, just four upset families – of Irwindale California tried to have the nearby Sriracha plant declared a “public nuisance”, a move that would have most certainly forced the factory to shut down. Thank goodness the local council saw red, in the form of Sriracha supporters, and decided in favor of the company.

Over the last several months, 73 odor complaints had been filed against the Sriracha plant, of which, 41 complaints had come from the same four families.They claimed that the Sriracha factory had continually been crop-dusting their homes with some hard chili wind. Huy Fong’s CEO, David Tran, countered their claims by opening up the plant to public tours. He hoped this would show that the company had not dealt what residents claimed to have smelt. In the end, the council reassured Sriracha enthusiasts by saying, “we’re all Mexicans here.” While, David Tran is not technically Mexican, the council was trying to make the point that they’re down with good salsa, no matter who makes it.

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