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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Review

If the first Force Unleashed was A New Hope, a game that captured the spirit of the Star Wars saga, Force Unleashed 2 is no Empire Strikes Back. It’s much more akin to Attack of the Clones — boring, borderline incompetent, and completely out of touch with that which we love about the franchise.

For my part, I played the first Force Unleashed until the wheels came off, and looked forward to this sequel. But instead of fixing combat issues and adding more diverse enemies this time around, Force Unleashed 2 came out very short, very watered-down and totally unremarkable. If it didn’t contain some gorgeous visuals, I’d be hard-pressed to think of much good to say about it.

Full disclosure: I was going to let this game skate by with about a 70 for most of the time I was playing, because it was mediocre but not awful. But then I got to the endgame of FU2 (that’s what we’re calling it from here out — Eff You Too) and was so supremely disappointed, I dropped my score down significantly. This review would feel incomplete without discussing the final moments of Force Unleashed 2, and the first Force Unleashed by way of comparison, so there may be spoilers further on.

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