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The Strange Appeal Of Donald Trump

As I watched the Republican debate last night I recalled the old Sesame Street song “One of these things is not like the other.” Say what you want about the majority of the Republican candidates on that stage, they are actual politicians with experience governing. Then you have this pallaso, Donald Trump in the middle of it all. A billionaire real estate developer that’s gone bankrupt several times and is most well known for starring in a stupid reality show where his obnoxious personality and weird toupee are the stars of the program. And yet, because we live in bizzaro world, he is the current frontrunner for the nomination. I keep telling myself that this could never actually happen, but then again The Terminator was governor of California and Ronald Reagan, who once starred in a movie with a chimp, was a two time president.

The only thing that makes any sense to me is that Americans love a good freakshow. We live to ogle the absurd and Trump is downright entertaining. But that’s not enough to have people actually consider voting for him. The truth is that a lot of people feel the way he does, especially the anti-immigration and xenophobia he has shown to be at the center of his campaign. It’s not a nice thought but a lot of Americans believe that Latinos are rapists, murders, and thieves out to destroy America. Right now Anne Coulter has a bestselling book out called “Adios America” in which she says Latinos will destroy the country. The truth is that this is nothing new in American history. Look at how the Jews, Irish, and Italians were first treated when they came to America. In the 19th century there was a political party, the Know Nothings, that had as their only aim stopping immigration. They too believed that America would be torn apart. Now it’s the Latinos’ turn. It’s disheartening that so many people agree with Trump but that is the reality of modern day America.

Maybe he’s the president we deserve.

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