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Supreme Court Split On Immigration A Blow To The White House


In a 4/4 split decision, the Supreme Court could not come to a consensus on President Obama’s immigration actions. Known as Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals and Deffered Action on Parents of Americans, the laws sought to protect children who came to the United States undocumented and undocumented parents of natural born American citizens from deportation. Almost as soon as the president instituted the actions several states sued to stop them. The Fifth Circuit court of appeals upheld an injunction instituted by a lower court, and bcuase the Supreme Court couldn’t come to a decision, that Fifth Circuit ruling stands.

SCOTUS has been at a standstill since the death of justice Antonin Scalia left the court with an even number of more liberal and more conservative justices. Since congress has refused to even consider president Obama’s nominee, any further action on the immigration issue will likely not come before the court again until Obama is out of office. This means that things could either go OK for immigrants or really, really bad. If Trump becomes president he has vowed to deport anyone here undocumented. If Clinton is elected then she promises to go even further than Obama’s actions on immigration.

Even though the president’s attempts to shield many immigrants was welcomed by many in the Latino community, it is also true that two million people have been deported in his tenure of office. That’s definitely a mixed record to say the least. But the possible coming alternative could be a hell of a lot worse. For now all that the millions of Americans here undocumented can do is wait and pray.

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