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Taco Bell To Give Free Breakfast Crunchwraps

We have heard of the famous “win a free taco” if the home team of an NBA game scores more than 100 points. The catch is that you have to present your ticket to get your free taco. This leaves a lot of taco fans without a free taco. Well we have great news, Taco Bell will be giving out one free breakfast Crunchwraps on Nov. 5th between 7-11 a.m. Que, so what’s the catch? Looks like you can just show up to a Taco Bell and get hooked up.

Thanks to the Kansas City Royals for stealing a base in the bottom of the sixth inning during game one of the World Series, fans will be getting a free Crunchwraps at participating Taco Bell locations as part of their “Steal A Base, Steal A Breakfast” campaign. Provecho!!

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