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Taco Bell Hot Sauce Flavored Tortilla Chips

Look out Doritos, Taco Bell announces the launch of hot sauce flavored chip. The Taco Bell chips will come in three flavors, Classic, Mild and Fire and the packaging looks like Taco Bell’s famous sauce packets with flames and all.

The Classic flavor is just plain salted tortilla chips. The Mild chips are seasoned with three chili pepper flavor and cumin, while the Fire chips have jalapeño, chili peppers, and paprika seasoning.

The tortilla chips will be available in grocery and convenience stores nationwide this May. They will vary in size from 1-ounce, 3.5-ounce, 11 or 13 ounce and 30-ounce bags.

I am sure Taco Bell fans will give these a try in very creative ways, layered under nachos, dipped in guac, and even use with Taco Bell nacho cheese sauce.

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