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Taco Bell: Naked Egg Taco

Taco Bell is known for its crazy menu item combinations made famous with the Doritos Locos tacos, Naked Chicken Chalupa, the Breakfast Crunch Wraps and the Taco Bell Waffle Taco. Now the fast food chain is taking its lineup of “naked” menu items to a new level with the Naked Egg Taco.

This new item is a egg in the shape of a taco shell filled with crispy potatoes, bacon or sausage and cheese. Customers can order the breakfast item with a gordita flatbread to cover up the egg.

You may be asking pero por que? How do you pick it up? Do you need to use a fork to eat it? I gave it a try and first of all this item seemed very greasy to me. As far as how do you eat it, you can actually eat it like a taco, but it seemed weird to me and I ended up using a fork. One thing I kept asking myself, I need some frijoles refritos to go along with this. I personally would not buy it again. I am going to stick to the traditional huevos rancheros con frijoles or unos chilaquiles.

For those willing to try The Naked Egg Taco, it is currently available at your local Taco Bell restaurant and it will cost you $1.99 each.

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