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Taco Bell New, Super-Spicy ‘Reaper’ Quesarito

Taco Bell is famous for its insane combinations and now its targeting customers who live for spicy eating challenges. The fast food chain released a list of new menu items being tested this fall, and in the mix is one very muy caliente burrito.

The Reaper Rancho Quesarito, and just as its name suggests, this cheesy burrito is made with a sauce containing the red and gnarled pepper that was once considered the spiciest in the world.  The Carolina Reapers are no joke. They can register as high as 2,200,000 on the Scoville Heat Unite (SHU) scale, which is about 200 times spicier then a jalapeño. Each burrito is made by stuffing seasoned beef (or steak), rice, and sour cream into a tortilla, then wrapping it inside of another tortilla with nacho cheese and Reaper Ranch sauce in between.

For those that want to try this extra-hot Quesarito you will have to go to Milwaukee, WI where it is currently being offered as part of a test offering at the chain’s locations in Milwaukee. If this new burrito does well Taco Bell could bring this new item to all Taco Bell locations.

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