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Be A Taco Master

Taco Master, the mobile video game where you can become an expert taquero. The point of the game is really simple, compete and make tacos as fast as possible. This app won the prize of the best app beating out the popular Angry Birds.

Taco Master reached two million downloads in 180 countries. You may think that this app was developed in the U.S or in Asia, but you will be surprised that this app comes from Mexico. The company behind this taco hit is Kaxan Group, in which it invested $100,000 dollars in the development of this mobile game. This company also developed the video game El Chavo del Ocho for the Nintendo Wii.

In order to have great success, Taco Master was targeted not only to Latin America consumers but to the 50 million Latinos in the U.S. This shows how Latin America specifically Mexico has the creativity and talent to create a product that can impact the world.

This fast paced time management game will test your reflexes and brain, and best of all it has authentic taco recipes that you can recreate at home. So its time to get your taco on and create real street tacos.

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