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Tag: anti-immigration

Donald Trump to End Special Protections For Salvadorans

January 13, 2018 

The Trump administration’s decision to end special protection for about 200,000 Salvadoran Immigrants filled many Salvadoran families with fear, with the possibility that they may be deported. El Salvador becomes the fourth country since Donald Trump took office to lose protection under the program that provides humanitarian relief for people whose countries are hit by….


Giant Portrait of Toddler Peers Over US-Mexico Border Wall

September 22, 2017 

A photo of a giant toddler on the Mexican side of the border peers over the steel wall dividing Mexico from the U.S. The toddler appears to grip the barrier with is fingers, making the wall look like a toy and ready to topple with a giggle. But who is behind the giant toddler? A….


Trump Seeks To Limit Legal Immigration

August 07, 2017 

President Donald Trump ran on a platform of limiting and eliminating “illegal immigration”, even proposing a ludicrous giant wall along the U.S. Mexico border. Now he has decided that he is also going to limit legal immigration to the United States as well with a bill he is pushing in the congress. These are people….


The Trump White House No Habla Español

July 14, 2017 

After Trump took office the Spanish version of the White House website was immediately removed. Back in January White House press secretary Sean Spicer said that a new Spanish language site will soon be available. We are half way through the year and still no sign of a Spanish language site and to make things….


The US Just Lost a Trade Battle With Mexico

April 25, 2017 

It seems that Mexico and the US have fought for decades over several issues. If it is not for land, its drug flow, immigration and the infamous wall. But most don’t know that both countries have fought for years over tuna. ¿Qué tuna? That’s right tuna. The US insists that any Mexican tuna sold in….