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Antonio Banderas Confirms Heart Attack

March 31, 2017 

El actor Español recently revealed he had a heart attack. He also admitted he had suffered a heart rhythm problem before being rushed to the hospital on January 26. Banderas has received a treatment called thermal ablation, which is generally performed under local anesthetic and involves the application of heat to seal veins by burning….


Antonio Banderas Receives Goya Award

February 11, 2015 

Antonio Banderas recently received the Goya award from the director Pedro Almodóvar. During is acceptance speech Banderas thanked and dedicated his acting career to his daughter Stella del Carmen Banderas. He went on to say “Se lo dedico a quien quizás haya sufrido mi pasión por el cine. La persona de la que me perdí….


Most Influential Hispanic: Director Robert Rodriguez

September 09, 2014 

Robert Rodriguez has become Hollywood’s most influential Hispanic by putting Latinos in top roles and broadening the definition of what a Latino role is. “Hollywood didn’t have parts for Jennifer Lopez or Salma Hayek 10 years ago,” says Rodriguez, whose Spy Kids trilogy, with Latino superheroes played by Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino, changed all….


Melanie Griffith Covers Up Antonio Banderas Tattoo

July 31, 2014 

Melanie Griffith sent a strong message to her ex when she stepped out on Tuesday morning. The 56-year-old actress opted to cover up her arm tattoo dedicated to her estranged husband, Antonio Banderas, with a bandage reading, simply, “Mel.” The blonde has been actively working to remove the famous tattoo, which featured Antonio’s name surrounded….


Tu Vez Blast-From-The-Past Truck: “Desperado”

October 10, 2013 

Marty McFly and Doc Brown had the Delorean to go travel through time; We have the Tu Vez Blast-From-The-Past Truck. Every week, we’ll hop in our time traveling machine, gun it to 88 MPH, and go back in time to bring you the best from the good ol’ days. Will it be a clip from an old telenovela? An old school music video? Stick around and find out!