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Soccer Round-Up: Manchester United Kills Arsenal 8-2, Amazing Goal By Jeremain Lens

August 29, 2011 

No, you’re not reading that headline wrong. Manchester United, winner of last year’s Premiership, defeated Arsenal (are they still an EPL/European powerhouse?) 8-2 yesterday at Old Trafford. Clearly The Gunners desperately miss Cesc Fabregas (now with Barcelona) and French winger Samir Nasri (left for Manchester City). Describing every single goal to you via words seems….


Arsenal’s Andrei Arshavin Is A Weird Guy

October 18, 2010 

Arsenal midfielder Andrei Arshavin is an interesting fella. On top of being one of the better footballers to come out of Russia in the last ten years, he’s also really good at being entertaining