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The NBA Is Heading To Cuba

April 08, 2015 

The NBA will become the first major sports organization from the United States to visit Cuba since President Obama ordered relations between the U.S. and Cuba normalized in December. The NBA will run a four day development camp and clinic to help the rising stars of Cuban basketball. The NBA and FIBA will also bring….


Spurs Meet Their Match Against The Triquis

December 04, 2013 

The San Antonio Spurs are in Mexico City this week to take on the Minnesota Timberwolves. The game will be tonight, Wednesday, December 4th at 9:30 PM ET. But before the big game, the Spurs took on some little players with big dreams. In a training session prior to the actual NBA game, the Spurs….


Basketball Douchebaggery Recap: Kobe Does Music, LeBron James Does Liverpool

April 06, 2011 

In today’s episode of “NBA Douchebags Doing Douchey Things,” Kobe Bryant becomes a Chinese pop star (sort of) and LeBron James becomes part time owner of Liverpool FC.


Spanish Announcer (Rightfully) Loses It During Epic Basketball Game

March 22, 2011 

The following basketball highlight happened this past Saturday, yet no one really noticed. Why? Because no one really cares about international basketball. Until now, at least. In the waning minutes of the Euroleague match between Real Madrid and Unicaja Malaga, there was one impressive block and four 3-pointers.


Emilio Estefan Writes Theme Song For Miami HEAT

November 04, 2010 

Producer and Latin music mogul Emilio Estefan is giving you another reason to hate the Miami HEAT (yes, they’ve taken to capitalizing every letter of the team’s name). The South Beach squad asked Estefan to write them a new theme song. The end result? The douchiest jam ever conceived.