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Ted Cruz Wants El Chapo To Pay For the Border Wall

February 14, 2019 

With another government shutdown looming, Senator Ted Cruz is proposing a solution to fund the border wall. Joaquin “el Chapo” Guzman was recently found guilty on 10 counts, including engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise. With the conviction federal prosecutors are planning to seek a forfeiture judgment for the property Guzman gained from drug trafficking…..


AeroMexico Ad Trolls Border Wall Debate With Mexican ‘DNA Discounts’

January 24, 2019 

The Mexican Airline AeroMexico unveiled a TV commercial called “DNA Discounts,” which offers discounts on flights to Americans who can show by taking a test that they have Mexican DNA. The video clip recently went viral days into the longest government shutdown in history due to a fight between Trump and congressional leaders over funding….


Trump Threatens To Shut Southern Border If He Doesn’t Get His Wall

December 28, 2018 

We are now almost a week into a partial government shutdown brought about by a temper tantrum by president Donald Trump over funding for his long-promised border wall. You will remember from his campaign that he promised his rabid followers that he would erect a giant wall across the U.S./Mexico border and that he would….


Mayans M.C. Series Tackles Border World

September 05, 2018 

The very popular TV series “Sons of Anarchy” has a spin-off “Mayans M.C.” has the typical motorcycle outlaw crime stories but what makes this new series different from its predecessor is it will tackle the conflicted world along the U.S. Mexican border. With topics of poverty, drug war, the Mexican cartel and populations with blurred….


‘Migrant Caravan’ Stopped At The Border

April 30, 2018 

A group of 100 migrants that have traveled up from Central America and through Mexico have been stopped at the border by the U.S. government. They are mostly all packed on the Mexico side of the border near the San Diego port of entry. Since their arrival yesterday, border patrol has not processed any of….