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Avocado Supplies Would Run Out If Trump Closes The Border

April 05, 2019 

With the threat of Trump closing the border, the American food supply could be impacted. The United States Department of Agriculture says that nearly half of all imported vegetables and 40 percent of imported fruits are grown in Mexico. One of the fruits most impacted would be the avocado. Steve Barnard, the president of Mission….


Coyotes Using Cell Phones To Get People Across The Border

February 26, 2018 

There is a new type of coyote in Mexico. Much like Willey, these coyotes are using technology to accomplish their nefarious deeds. No, they aren’t strapping bat wings to people to glide over the border, no matter what Donald Trump thinks. No one gets pushed off a cliff, (Yipe!). Instead, they are using cell phones…..


Tecate Beer Mocks Trump’s Wall

October 04, 2016 

Cerveza Tecate, mocks Donald Trump’s infamous wall in a brilliant 30 sec commercial. The commercial opens with an ominous desert scene. “The time has come for a wall, a tremendous wall. The best wall,” the voiceover explains. “The Tecate beer wall. A wall that brings us together.” Then we see a group of Mexicans and….