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Don Francisco Hosting TeletónUSA For Univision

November 18, 2015 

Univision Network announced that the beloved television personality and founder of Teletón, Don Fransisco will reprise his role as host. This will mark his return to television since the end of his legendary variety show, Sábado Gigante. TeletónUSA’s fourth annual fundraiser to be broadcast live on the Univision Network nonstop for 30 hours form 9p.m…..


The Teleton USA Breaks a Record

December 16, 2014 

The Teletón USA had a goal of reaching $15,315,679 in donations, but by the last remaining hours of Sunday night and with a little help of several stars artist they had not only reached their goal but surpassed it with the total amount of donations totaling $15,315,679. Several artists that performed in this year Teletón….