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Ariana Grande Slapped With a Lawsuit

February 08, 2019 

Ariana Grande has been slapped with a lawsuit over an image on her music video for “God is a Woman.” A Las Vegas artist is accusing the singer of copying an image of a woman’s silhouette in front of a candle. Vladimir Kush and his companions Kush Fine Arts Las Vegas alleged that the image….


Jennifer Lopez Gets Restraining Order Against Violent Fan

January 06, 2017 

Jennifer Lopez is back in the news and this time es algo preocupante. She recently got a restraining order against a guy she claims has been stocking her, and to make things worse he’s got a violent past, que miedo. El dichoso se llama Timothy McLanahan and according to reports he has followed Lopez from….


Justin Bieber Arrested For DUI In Miami Beach

January 23, 2014 

Justin Bieber was arrested early Thursday morning for drag racing and driving under the influence. It seems that the weasel-faced singer was partying with his loser buddies at a Miami Beach club when he decided that it would be a good idea to drive. So, he got in to his yellow Lamborghini and was racing….