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Zac Efron Interested In Selena Gomez?

February 15, 2019 

Last week Zac Efron started following Selena Gomez on Instagram and fans immediately began to speculate about what it all means. Now if the two actually hookup I think it makes perfect sense. They are both jaw-dropping hot, both of them are currently single, and they even starred in a movie together – Neighbors 2: Sorority….


Ariana Grande Slapped With a Lawsuit

February 08, 2019 

Ariana Grande has been slapped with a lawsuit over an image on her music video for “God is a Woman.” A Las Vegas artist is accusing the singer of copying an image of a woman’s silhouette in front of a candle. Vladimir Kush and his companions Kush Fine Arts Las Vegas alleged that the image….


Salma Hayek Embracing Silvery Strands

February 05, 2019 

La bella actriz Salma Hayek looks amazing at 52-years-old but as everyone knows time and mother nature will eventually catch up to everyone. When it does you should be able to embrace it, and that is what Salma Hayek did as she took to Instagram and shared a smiling selfie that unveiled her silvery strands…..


Selena Gomez Returns To Social Media

January 17, 2019 

After taking a break from social media and not posting anything since Sept. 23, Selena Gomez returned to social media with a self-affirming message of hope. Shorty after accounting she was taking a break, Selena was admitted into a mental health facility after a reported “breakdown” that followed her second visit to a hospital for….


Ricky Martin and Husband Welcome Baby Girl

January 02, 2019 

Ricky Martin is starting off the new year with a new bundle of joy. The singer announced the arrival of his daughter on Instagram by showing off the babies tiny hands. Ricky Martin did not reveal any additional details other then that the baby girl is healthy and her name is Lucia. Both Ricky Martin,….