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Tag: Celebrity Sexy Photo

Salma Hayek Embracing Silvery Strands

February 05, 2019 

La bella actriz Salma Hayek looks amazing at 52-years-old but as everyone knows time and mother nature will eventually catch up to everyone. When it does you should be able to embrace it, and that is what Salma Hayek did as she took to Instagram and shared a smiling selfie that unveiled her silvery strands…..


Selena Gomez Sexy Photo Causing Social Media Madness

September 11, 2018 

Selena Gomez recently posted a new photo on her Instagram account and once again she is breaking the internet. This time around she posted a pic wearing a tube top with a facial expressing that yells out fierce attitude while holding a cocktail. But what is causing the ruckus is she is showing major cleavage…..