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Tag: Cerveza

Tecate Beer With Twice The Amount of Alcohol

March 17, 2019 

For those Tecate beer drinkers that want more of a kick your in luck as the Mexican beer has made a bigger and more boozier beer. Tecate Titanium is the first Mexican beer to have a high ABV, at 7.5%.  An original Tecate, for reference, is 12 ounces and has a 4.5% ABV. The Titanium….


Taco Bell Plans Cantina on the Las Vegas Strip

July 26, 2016 

Las Vegas seems to have it all, gambling, pool parties, great live show’s and some of the best places to eat in the country. Taco Bell wants to be part of the Las Vegas top dining destinations as the Mexican fast food chain is opening a new flagship restaurant on the las Vegas Strip across….


Taking an Uber to Mexico

June 02, 2016 

With the popularity of Uber growing everyday, I asked myself would it be possible to take an Uber to Tijuana? I did a little digging around y que creen, si se puede! Apparently Uber has a ride-sharing service to travel across the California border into Mexico. But before you start planning a bar hopping night….


5 De Mayo is Here!

May 04, 2016 

5 de Mayo is one of the most misunderstood Mexican holidays. Most Americans think it’s Mexico’s Independence or a day you eat and drink anything and everything that is related to Mexico. It’s been big in the United States since Mexican Americans raised awareness for it in the 1960s, but most Mexican’s including myself don’t….


Dos Equis Retires ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’

March 09, 2016 

Say adiós to “The Most interesting Man in the World” as Dos Equis is dumping Jonathan Goldsmith, the gray-haired spokesman. The 77 year old actor has appeared in Dos Equis ads since 2007 but now it seems the brand is making changes to attract younger drinkers. The Most interesting Man in the World will go….