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2018 Oscars: Chile Takes Best Foreign Film for A Fantastic Woman

March 04, 2018 

The film A Fantastic Woman has won the Oscar for Best Foreign language film at the 90th Academy Awards. This is only the second Chilean film nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, and it would be the first to win. The previous contender was five years ago with Pablo Larrian’s docudrama “No” (2012) A Fantastic….


We’ve Found The Jedi Temple And It’s In Chile

March 20, 2017 

When we were kids, we used to get in trouble for playing Star Wars in school. Teachers didn’t appreciate us drawing space battles in our trapper keepers or when we would have mock lightsaber duels on the playground. Finally, there is a school that appreciates that Star Wars should be part of a well rounded….


Chile Wins Copa América Centenario

June 26, 2016 

La Copa América Centenario ha llegado a su fin as Chile beats Argentina 4-2 on penalties. What seemed like any easy win for Argentina, after Chile received a red card early in the first half and was left with one less player on the field, but Argentina just could not take advantage. A los 42….


Chile Wins The Copa America

July 06, 2015 

What a way to end La Copa America with penalty shots to decide the Champion. The heavily favored Argentina, led by their star player Lionel Messi, could not score a goal through out the game and Chile’s long awaited Copa would come during the penalty shootouts. Arsenal’s Alexi Sanchez hit the winning penalty shot for….


The Rock Group La Ley Returns After 10 years

July 21, 2014 

On July 19th during the Reventón Super Estrella 2014, which featured great grupos of Rock en Español among them Caifanes, Fobia, Roco Pachukote de Maldita Vecindad, La Unión, Víctimas Del Dr.Cerebro, La Santa Cecilia and Enrique Bunbury. But one of the surprises of the night was the return of the Chilean group La Ley. After….