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Why Are We Celebrating Columbus Day…Again?

October 08, 2018 

It’s freakin’ Columbus Day again, the day we celebrate the man who committed genocide in the name of White supremacy and to enrich himself on the misery of other. So, it’s no surprise that our president, Donald J. Trump, had this to say this morning about Christopher Columbus: “Christopher Columbus’s spirit of determination & adventure….


Happy Columbus Day?

October 09, 2017 

The other day I was in a meeting when an older Italian-American member of our organization started, very proudly, telling us about how he was going to march in the New York City Columbus Day parade today. He said, “because everyone is Italian on Columbus Day”. Now, I don’t mean to imply that he is….


Columbus Day Replaced With Indigenous Peoples Day

October 08, 2017 

A growing number of cities are replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, also known as Native Americans Day. The city of Austin Texas became the latest city to approve the change and recognize the second Monday of every October as Indigenous Peoples Day. Austin is just the latest city to join the movement. The….


Christopher Columbus Caused Syphilis Worldwide

April 10, 2017 

We’ve written at length about what a total a-hole Christopher Columbus was. Every time this author walks past the huge statue of him in New York’s Columbus circle, I want to tear it down. The devastating effect he had in the New World is easy to see, what with the genocide and all. What is….


Christopher Columbus Was An Ass

October 10, 2016 

Today is Columbus Day, the day we remember one of the biggest a-holes in history. Maybe it’s because I’m Latino or perhaps it’s how much history I’ve read, but I hate this guy. In the past, we Americans had a very selective view of history. In other words we only looked at events from the point….