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Jennifer Lopez to Play Drug Lord Griselda Blanco in HBO TV Movie

August 15, 2016 

La bella estrella de NBC’s Shades of Blue is switching sides and joining the bad guys as she will be playing the role of the late drug lord Griselda Blanco. The film is currently untitled and focuses on the rise and fall of Blanco, the notorious drug lord known as “The Cocaine Godmother” who in….


Snorting Smarties: Are Your Kids Sugar Fiends?

January 24, 2014 

Is there anything more innocent than a child? They’re energetic. They’re full of wonder. And, according to a school in Rhode Island, they really love to snort lines of crushed Smarties candy. Wait. Say what? I’ll admit that I have a lot of fond memories of my childhood, but I don’t remember ever saying to….


Oreos As Addictive As Cocaine & Heroin

October 17, 2013 

That’s right, one of the most delicious cookies on earth might as well be scrumptious cocaine sandwiched between two circles of crispy black tar heroin. But don’t worry, we’re no where near drug runners trying to illegally cross the borders with Oreo filled condoms crammed up their buttholes. Talk about double stuffed. Ay dios mio!….