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Puerto Rico Gets A Superhero In La Borinqueña

May 16, 2016 

Puerto Rico’s economic woes are no joke. They defaulted on their loans and have more coming up and the U.S. Congress is doing nothing. If there was ever a time when the island needs a hero it’s now. Enter a new superhero called La Borinqueña. She is the creation of comic book artist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriquez….


Miles Morales Is The New “Ultimate Spider-Man”

August 02, 2011 

First there was Miguel O’Hara (Spider-Man 2099). Then it was Anya Corazon (Spider-Girl). Now, Latinos are getting yet another web-slinging superhero: Miles Morales. Marvel announced that Miles Morales will succeed the dead Peter Parker (he was killed in Ultimate Spider-Man #160) and become the new Ultimate Spider-Man.


Five Greatest Hispanic Characters In Comic Book History

July 21, 2011 

Comic books are the current belles of the ball thanks to Comic-Con 2011 (it starts today!) and a string of superhero movies being released. Inside, we compile the greatest Hispanic super heroes and villains. Why? Because we love you, nerds.


Lego Helmet Makes Pew Pew Noises For Comics

April 26, 2011 

A helmet with speakers that plays out sounds from comic books? Why, yes, please!