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Tony Romo Is Going To Be A Dad

October 26, 2011 

Looks like Tony Romo has something to celebrate. No, not the Dallas Cowboys’ disappointing 3-3 record. Antonio Ramiro Romo revealed today at a high school visit that he and wife Candice Crawford are expecting a child.


The Tony Romo Hate Continues: Chris Cooley Edition

October 05, 2011 

The anti-Tony Romo tirades continues. Who’s flinging the monkey poop this time around? Washington Redskins’ Chris Cooley.


The Scrutiny Machine: Tony Romo Vs. Mark Sanchez

October 03, 2011 

Managing editor Fidel Martinez takes a closer look at the media and the difference in their scrutiny of Latino quarterbacks Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez.


Dallas Cowboys FINALLY Fire Wade Phillips

November 08, 2010 

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones fired head coach Wade Phillips after the team was crushed/destroyed/humiliated (pick one) by the Green Bay Packers last night. The real shocker isn’t that Phillips is gone, but that it took this long for Jones to give him the pink slip.