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Diego Luna Joins the Cast of Netflix Narcos

January 06, 2018 

A major shakeup to the Netflix series Narcos has been confirmed as el actor Mexicano Diego Luna joins the cast for season 4. El Chileno Pedro Pascal is no longer starring in the series and it is unclear if his character will not appear in the new season. In addition to Diego Luna, Michael Peña….


May The Fourth Be With You, Amigos

May 04, 2017 

Today is one of the most important days of the year, May the 4th which for the last few years has been called “Star Wars Day”. With Disney’s multi-billion dollar investment/rescue of Star Wars from the hands of its insane, joweled creator George Lucas, the franchise is better than ever. With the wildly successful The….


Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico

February 10, 2017 

With the current state between the U.S. and Mexico relationship, Conan O’Brien will have a special primetime show shot on location in Mexico City. Y no solo será en Mexico but Conan will use an all-Mexican staff, crew, guests and studio audience. Star Wars: Rouge One star Diego Luna and former Mexican President Vicente Fox….


Diego Luna In “Rogue One” And Representation

January 09, 2017 

I really loved Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and not just because it was an exciting Star Wars epic. One of the things I really liked was the fact that one of the main protagonists was played by Mexican actor Diego Luna. He portrays captain Cassian Andor, the rebel leader who helps Jyn Erso,….


Diego Luna Directs Touching Immigration Commercial

October 27, 2016 

Jarritos is the best soda on the planet and that is an undisputed fact. When I was a little kid in Mexico and later when I moved to Texas, Jarritos always satisfied. But now they’ve gotten serious with a touching commercial directed by Diego Luna. In it he documents the struggle of the immigrant, whether….