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Tag: DREAMers

Camila Cabello Gives Dreamer Message At The Grammys

January 29, 2018 

Camila Capello, a Cuban-American singer, was a presenter at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards and took full advantage of it. Before presenting U2, she shared her personal Dreamer story and it was great! “Tonight, in this room full of music’s dreamers, we remember that this country was built by dreamers, for dreamers, chasing the American….


Trump Will Keep DACA…If Congress Will Build The Wall

January 08, 2018 

President Donald Trump, who ran on the promise that he would get rid of DACA and send The Dreamers back to their country of origin, has apparently changed his mind. But don’t think this is due to some Grinch-like moral epiphany. He has told a bi-partisan group of senators that are seeking to protect DACA….


Controversial ‘The Wall’ Costumes Hits Store Shelfs

October 13, 2017 

It seems that every year there is a controversial costume being sold for Halloween. This year is no different as you can dress up as “The Wall.” Party City is selling the costume and a lot of people are connecting this costume with the border wall. I could totally see the connection and it may….


Donald Trump To End DACA

September 07, 2017 

President Donald Trump announced earlier this week that he will end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. The so-called “Dreamer act” was a a program set up by president Barack Obama as a way of protecting the children of undocumented immigrants that were brought here and are now mostly adults. This was done in….


Hilary Clinton Names DREAMer As Latino Outreach Director

May 20, 2015 

Preemptive Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton named as former DREAMer Lorella Praeli as her Latino outreach director. She lived in the U.S. for 13 years undocumented. She was a DREAMer activist for several years and her sister is a recipient of President Obama’s DACA executive order. She received her green card in 2012. Amanda Renteria, Clinton’s national….