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Tag: drug trafficking

‘El Chapo’ Guzman Trial Begins

November 14, 2018 

Nearly two years after his extradition from Mexico, notorious cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera will face an American jury in the most significant criminal raid in decades. He was once considered the world’s biggest drug trafficker is accused of heading a criminal enterprise that spanned continents and triggered waves of bloodshed throughout Mexico. His….


Former MLB Pitcher Esteban Loaiza Arrested On Drug Charges

February 19, 2018 

Former MLB pitcher Esteban Loaiza and former husband to Jenni Rivera was arrested Friday in San Diego California and charged with three drug-related felonies, including possession of more than 20 kilograms (44 pounds) of cocaine with a street value of $500,000. He is also charged with purchase for sale of a controlled substance, and transportation/sell….


El Chapo Guzman Goes Hollywood

March 15, 2017 

Ever since we first heard of El Chapo Guzman, it seems Hollywood has been trying to cash in with the world of drug cartels. Below are just a couple of examples. The FX TV network developed the series The Bridge. Two detectives work together to take down a serial killer operating on both sides of….


La Santa Muerte And The Law

June 07, 2016 

In what is sure to be a landmark case in the use of La Santa Muerte in drug trafficking trails, a pair of accused meth dealers were let off because of La Santa Muerte. Rafael Goxcon-Chagal and Maria Vianey Medina-Copete were convicted of selling meth and received fifteen years in jail. The prosecution used the….


El Chapo Guzman Could Sue Netflix and Univision

May 31, 2016 

We recently told you about a new Netflix series about “El Chapo” Guzman, ahora parece que Guzman wants a cut of the pie. It seems Guzman is not happy that Univision and Netflix are using his name and nickname and Guzman’s lawyer, Andres Granados, is ready to sue both networks. The two networks recently announced….