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Now Playing: “El FUA” In 3D

August 01, 2011 

First, it was an internet meme, a video in which a drunk dude explains to a bunch of cops the finer points of “El FUA” (short for “fuerza universal actualizada”/”actualized universal force”). Then came the awesome and distracting flash game. Now, the life story of Julio Cesar Segura– the inventor the Mexican-rallying-cry “El Fua” (ie,….


El FUA! Flash Game

July 11, 2011 

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Guys. GUYS! There is now a “El Fua!” flash animation game. Yes! That’s right. That video of the drunken guy talking about “El Fua!” (short for “Fuerza Universal Aplicada”) is now a full-fledged, actually-fun-to-play flash game.