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Mexico Fined by FIFA For Discriminatory and Insulting Chants at World Cup

June 26, 2018 

FIFA has fined the Mexican Football Federation $10,000 dollars for the actions of the El Tri’s fans during its stunning win over Germany. The fine was for “discriminatory and insulting chants” aimed at the German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. In other words, some fans yield out the popular and now infamous chant, ehhhh puto. A new….


Mexico Stuns Germany In World Cup Win

June 17, 2018 

El Tri had never before defeated Germany in an official match and experts predicted the current World Cup Champions should easily win over Mexico. But what we all saw was a David vs Goliath match. More than 30,000 Mexicans fans at the game sang, cheered and did their part and El Tri responded with a….


Mexico Futbol Squad Hosts ‘Around 30 Prostitutes’ at Pre-World Cup Party

June 07, 2018 

With just a couple of days till the 2018 FIFA World Cup, reports of members of the Mexico national team were reportedly joined by 30 prostitutes at a farewell party ahead of the FIFA World Cup. The party took place in Mexico City following their 1-0 victory over Scotland at the Estadio Azteca. According to….


Rock Fiesta, The Latin Coachella

March 16, 2016 

Spring break is coming up quick y para los que se preguntan, ¿Qué vamos a hacer en este spring break? Well you can skip the crowded beaches and head to the desert instead to one of the largest Latin Rock festivals of the year. More then 20 legendary rock en español bands will play this….


Mexico Beats The U.S. And Is Crowned Kings of CONCACAF

October 11, 2015 

As one of the most anticipated games of the year, the Rose Bowl was filled to capacity with 93,723 cheering fans and millions more watched the Mexico vs U.S.A game on TV. When these two rivals meet es seguro que será una gran batalla y dejarán todo en la cancha and this one did not….