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Fernando Valenzuela Becomes A U.S. Citizen

July 27, 2015 

As a niña growing up in Mexico in the early 80’s, I would hear about this great Mexico pitcher playing in the United States. I can remember my dad catching the Dodger Games via antenna parabolica and watching Fernando Valenzuela pitch. Valenzuela when on to accomplish Rookie of the Year, a Cy Young award, World….


The Most Feared Monsters In Latin America: El Vampiro de Moca

October 24, 2014 

Most of us have heard of the next legendary monster known as El Chupacabra. This phenomenon dates back to the 1970’s with the Puerto Rican legend of El Vampiro de Moca, a livestock-killing vampire in the small town of Moca. Reports of several dead animals with puncture wounds in their necks started to fill the….